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26 Feb
How to Effectively Drive Sales in Real Estate with 9 Brilliant Digital Marketing Strategies
Category: Investment, Personal Growth
Like every industry in Nigeria, real estate has had its fair share of up and down seasons. From recession to wanting development in infrastructure and industry, location, which ...
24 Feb
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Estate from Blue Orange Oxford
Category: Investment
Real estate is one of the surest and most secured investment vehicles you can use to grow your money. Its also one of the most profitable ways to make your money work for you. Y...
14 Feb
Financial Tips: How to Save Up for Your Dream Home
Category: Investment
  With the growth of industries and the advancement of living standards in and around urbanized areas in Nigeria, people are now beginning to choose smart ways to achieve t...
07 Feb
5 Questions You Need to Ask When House Hunting
Category: Investment
Let’s take a guess. Your Dream home is a 6 bedroom duplex by the waterfront in Lekki. You want just three kids but your family members should have a place to stay when the...
06 Feb
What Is Love Without Assurance?
Category: Investment
  If anyone had told Ada ‘The Girl’ this was going to happen, she would have laughed. Hard. Her friends would burn green with envy. Her namesake at work, that one that was ...
29 Jan
Category: Investment
Bleu Orange Oxford presents the biggest real estate investment pool in Nigeria. Real Estate is gradually gaining momentum as a lucrative investment medium in Nigeria. To enable ...
24 Jan
7 reasons why you should invest in real estate in Nigeria
7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria
Category: Investment
Nigeria is a huge market of untapped investment opportunities and Real Estate investment in Nigeria is steadily climbing to the top as one of them. What’s more, building a...