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To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Your financial analysts will tell you the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio. When you diversify your portfolio, you spread out the risks of investment.
Real estate is one investment that will always serve as a safe tangible asset to mitigate the risks in your portfolio. Why? Because the longer it lasts, the more interest it amasses, even regardless of inflation. Many have amassed wealth by
solely investing in real estate.

A Safe Investment Strategy

Despite the policy issued on the banking system by the federal government to reduce all bank charges, no one seems to notice the nosedive interest rates have taken
from 6.75% to 3.25% on savings accounts, and less than 8% per annum on fixed deposit accounts. This means that the average savings account can no longer yield ample interest. However, real estate is the only channel of investment that increases regardless of inflation, with an average interest of 6% per annum

]Your Dream Home Is Becoming More Expensive

Seven years ago, you could get a good piece of real estate in a very strategic location in Lagos State for five hundred thousand Naira ( 500, 000). Now, that piece of real estate will be sold for nothing less than six million naira 6,000,000). This means that the more you delay purchasing a good piece of land, not only will the land become more expensive, your current rented apartment will also become more expensive, making your dream home just that. A dream

A Huge Investment Plan for the Future

Nigeria increases in population by 22 million yearly. And with the major development of industries in and around Lagos state , there will be an increase in the population of residents as well. With this influx comes a large demand for homes/apartments within the next five (5) years. Where would you rather position yourself? As a tenant, or a property owner?