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Bleu Orange Oxford – Designing a Secured Future

The future is an event everyone look forward to with great anticipation and prays to be a part of.

Our job is to help make sure you are prepared for the future when it comes. We have helped our clients to design a flexible plans to help them secure their futute by investing in real estate portfolios

Easy 2 Buy Easy 2 Build

If you have ever dreamt of buying a landed property and building your choice house, here is the opportunity to realise that dream with ease.

Real Estate Investment

Invest your money in our real estate projects and earn huge ROI in as little time as 6 months

Real Estate Properties

We have flexible plans that make it easy for you to buy, or build real estate properties with ease

Real Estate Lands

Become a landowner in any of our approved estates across Nigeria with our income-friendly payment plans

“Why Choose Us?

At Bleu Orange, we bring the advantage of our deep understanding of investments in Nigeria to help prospective investors find profitable Real Estate and Agribusiness investments. Our creative and strategic investment solutions have helped our very happy clients build lucrative portfolios in Real Estate and Agribusinesses across Nigeria