Top Selling Product - Pepper Farming

One of the most important spices used in making Nigeria food is Pepper. You can hardly find a complete Nigerian meal without the use of at-least one variety of pepper. Hence, Pepper production is an important crop production in Nigeria. With rising domestic demand, coupled with a drop in exports, Pepper continues to set the trend for its marketing and production. The main suppliers of the commodity to the global market are Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Brazil; while the major destinations for its export are the US, Europe, Japan and Australia. In Nigeria, the price of pepper has been subjected to seasonal fluctuation recently. There is a massive demand for pepper in the Southern-Western Nigeria from the Northern Nigeria despite that there is also possibility to grow this crop in the South West. This is an indication that demands for pepper is great and urgent in Nigeria, especially in the Southern Western Nigeria. 

Top Selling Product - Ginger Farming

Nigeria is one of the major producers of ginger in the world. Ginger is a well known crop in the Nigerian market with very high demand despite that it’s quite expensive. Ginger is a very popular commodity across the globe owing to its usefulness. It can be used in various industries like the food industry, brewery industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry to mention a few. In the Nigerian market, ginger is not only popular; it is a very high demand crop commodity. Exporting Ginger from Nigeria is very lucrative and easy to do. Nigeria is the largest exporter of dried split ginger. Nigeria has the 2nd largest production share of about 16% after India with a production share of 33.9%.

Top Selling Product - Turmeric Farming

Turmeric is referred to as the Golden Spice; it is grown and consumed world over including Nigeria. Turmeric has been identified as one agricultural commodity with awesome potentials to contribute to an economy. Turmeric is cultivated in 19 states including Plateau State. the cultivation of turmeric in Nigeria is defective, capricious and are of low quality as a result of which it discourages commercialization. While acknowledging the global market for spice, there is an abysmal development in the processing, packaging and marketing of Nigerian indigenous spices, this include turmeric.

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