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Like every industry in Nigeria, real estate has had its fair share of up and down seasons. From recession to wanting development in infrastructure and industry, location, which is the selling point of real estate, now seems to be limited to a few “hot cake cities” in Nigeria. It now takes skill and deftness for any real estate company or agent to make buyers see the potential in ANY location with a price tag on it. This skill, is called Marketing.

During one of our Sales Ninja training at our office, our Managing Director, Sydney Ugbeda, could not help but mention that Marketing has now become one of the top selling skills any individual can have. Why? Because everyone wants to make sales. Every company, every private business, every organization, sell something. And they are willing to pay anyone with the skill to help them make sales. This is to show you the power of marketing.

This is even more apt in the real estate industry because every real estate company wants to sell-out. And the only way in today’s digital age to achieve that goal is to combine a plethora of brilliant marketing strategies for the online community where target audience can be found.

The world has gone remote. It is important as a real estate company or agent, to know that buyers no longer have the patience nor time to go house or land hunting physically. Your customers will search online first for whatever their needs in real estate are, either properties or land, before reaching out to consult with you offline.

If people can work and shop from the comfort of their homes, why should they drive from one location to the other, looking for suitable houses to live in or lands to purchase? This is the importance of employing brilliant online marketing strategies to drive sales in real estate.

If you got this far into the post. Stay with us now. We’ll show you how to effectively drive sales in real estate with 10 brilliant online marketing strategies and also point you to helpful tools you can utilize to achieve your goal.

Below are 9 brilliant online marketing strategies to drive sales in real estate in Nigeria.


1. Be Active on Social Media

If you are active in the real estate industry and have no presence online, you’re just as good as nonexistent.

When you have a defined brand image and direction, the next step is to create awareness for yourself.

Utilize popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ to connect to your target audience. You can organize your content across all social media platforms with helpful tools like the Hubspot Social Media Content Calendar Template for free. We use it too!

Make sure your accounts on social media are business accounts and update your bio with concise information about who you are and what you do. The only place Instagram allows a clickable link is on your profile, so be sure to update it regularly with links to your website or blog.

Study the competition and see what your competitors are doing differently. How active are they on social media? What do they promote? What are they doing that you can do differently? Take note of the competition and come up with better strategies that will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Don’t forget to post regularly! By interacting with your users online, you build trust and retainership. So much so that whenever they think of real estate, they immediately think of you.


2. Create Engaging Content

We cannot help but agree that “content is King”. Your followers will only stay with you if you give them something they want, that they can’t get from your competitors – Value.

Every customer wants to be offered value for the time they spend on your page and the data they burn.

Humans are finicky and quick to lose interest once they find you uninteresting. This is why as a brand, you have to be on your toes in content delivery to be able to catch and hold the attention of your audience.

Create engaging posts that resonate with your audience. Study the demographic and be sure to connect with them. You can use pop culture references that are sure to drive conversations, like popular lines from songs or movies, or funny memes and skits that you can tie to the real estate industry. All of these contribute to building a strong followership online.

Be sure to use your content to educate and inform them about what’s going on in the industry and what you’re up to as a brand. Show them that your brand is whole and dynamic.

Use the power of storytelling to drive engagement. A compelling copy alongside thoughtful visual elements in your contents will trigger responses from even non-followers, especially when those selective posts are promoted. People respond more to stories when you tell a good one.


3. Promote Your Social Media Content

Promoting your posts on social media increases your visibility rate and followership. All you have to do is choose a frequency that suits you, either bimonthly or once a week. To get started, go to Promotions on your menu and follow the prompts.


4. How About Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is also one thing you should consider, especially when you want to publicize juicy promos or value added services that are time sensitive.

Influencer marketing allows you to reach out to a larger audience within your targeted demographic by employing popular personalities on social media platforms to talk about your brand. This can however be expensive, depending on your choice of influencer.


5. Invest in Targeted Adverts

Have you ever been on a sport site or just going through Instagram and you see an MTN or Jumia ad? That’s because you are a target audience of theirs. And those are targeted adverts.

Targeted adverts utilize an algorithm of internet users that have, at some point, shown interest in a particular product to be advertised. The IP addresses of such users are registered as “targets” for anything related to that particular interest in the future.

This is why when Bet9ja runs a targeted ad, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Ireland or on CNN’s website, the ad will pop up on your screen.

How would you like to be able to target your audience this way? Targeted ads are one very effective ways to drive customers to your website if your main goal is to sell a particular product or service.

Ads My Way is a great place to start with targeted adverts if you’re a beginner. The platform enables you to choose when, where, to whom, for how long, and how you want your ads to be displayed.


6. Use High Resolution Images and Videos

What’s the first thing that catches people’s attention online? Photos. Or videos.

Pictures. Images. Graphics. Whatever else you want to call it. A beautiful highly defined image or video will prompt people to see and hear what you have to say.

The reasoning? If it’s this good, it must be worth the offer.



7. Build a Close Relationship With Your Customers

When your customers know and trust you, you will have no need to ask them to tell people about you. They’ll do it all on their own. This trust, you can only get when you have a close relationship with them.

New customers will only trust you enough to buy from you, especially as a real estate brand, when they see the positive things old customers are saying about you.

Keep in touch with your customers and ask for their candid opinions. When they tell you, implement them. This will give them a feeling of importance and prove that you consider them a part of your brand.

Go further and take advantage of this. Ask for testimonials and be sure to flaunt them on your website and social media pages.

Give subtle prompts that encourage them to post about you online and repost their posts. Spontaneously appreciate your customers online. Give freebies to faithful ones and entice new ones with “special” value added offers. Be courteous and appreciative of their patronage.

Trust us, when you do these, even angels will come down to hear what all the fuss is about!


8. Email Marketing

Sending your customers newsletters and emails is one thing, but getting their email addresses is another.

One way to compel your customers to give you their email addresses is to offer something in return. The “Give and Take” mentality is one that subconsciously controls the mind because people will always want something in return for anything they give.

What can you give in return? Endless.

Discounts on first purchase, free ebooks on “How tos”, a value added service like a free paint job with a time limit on purchase, a free holiday gift, a free gift on purchase… Give something thoughtful and useful to them.

When you get their email addresses, be sure to offer value. Else, your emails will either go to spam, remain unopened, or worse case scenario, they are prompted to unsubscribe.

There are several real estate newsletter templates you can use to ensure more open and click through rates.


 9. Let Your Blog Be the Plug!

See what we did there? Plug, as in, the go-to resource for all real estate needs or enquiries.

Ensure that your blog posts contain valuable information that your readers need. Choose catchy blog topics that promise to teach them something new and fulfil your promise. And no, it doesn’t have to be just about real estate. Unfurl your tentacles into other relevant areas of everyday living. Lifestyle, home making tips, “How To-” posts, tips on how to manage finances, industry news, business updates, you can talk about almost anything that makes sense. Only find a way to tie them to what you do at the end.

There you have it. 9 brilliant online marketing strategies that are sure to drive sales in real estate.

Now you have no excuse!