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Real estate is one of the surest and most secured investment vehicles you can use to grow your money. Its also one of the most profitable ways to make your money work for you.

Your investment in land is sure to give you a life changing experience and also lead you on your way to financial freedom because the value of landed properties will always appreciate. This means that you can go to bed everyday, assured of a fat account balance awaiting your retirement!

Despite the wonderful reasons why you should invest in real estate in Nigeria, we also understand the constraints and distrust that accompany buying land or investing in real estate in Nigeria, especially in a big city like Lagos. To ease your concerns, here are 5 reasons why you should buy real estate from Bleu Orange Oxford:


1. Our lands and properties are affordable

To make the process of land and property acquisition easy for our clients, we developed affordable payment plans. These plans range from 3 months to 12 monthly installments.

The Oxford Land Xtra offer also allows our client to own 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments with monthly payments of N50,000 and N66,666. These monthly installments can be spread over 120 months (10 years).

Speak with us to learn more.


2. Your land is secure when you buy from us

We have handled all the stress of acquiring our lands from communities and organizations to make ownership easy for you. Our lands are always within our estate in the location, so you can be rest assured that there will be no harassment from Omoniles (land grabbers).

The value of your land is also sure to appreciate in a few years considering the fast rate at which our estates develop.


3. We don’t just sell lands, we also build


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Our services don’t stop when you acquire your land from us. We can also help you build your dream home. We have qualified construction engineers and architects on ground to help you draft, plan and execute your project.


4. We can help you sell your land after you buy from us

If you’re buying land from us to resell later, we can help you monitor the land and sell in a few years when the land is sure to yield over 100% in value. With our understanding of the real estate industry, we can also advice you on the best time to sell and the best clients willing to buy at your price.


5. We give you all the important documents certifying your ownership of the land and/or property

Every important land document including a survey and Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to you upon 50% payment of the land or property worth.

There you go! All the reasons why you should buy real estate from Bleu Orange Oxford.

Visit us at 2/4 Fagbola street, Cele bustop, Egbeda or call +234 810 355 5435, +234 706 374 9653 for more enquiries.


Credit: Chris Olajide