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Man handing over keys to a new homeowner signing document

Let’s take a guess.

Your Dream home is a 6 bedroom duplex by the waterfront in Lekki. You want just three kids but your family members should have a place to stay when they come visiting. Particularly during holidays as you’re the first born. Your wife wants a granite counter top with stainless steel master chef kitchen appliances.

You also want a mowed lawn and an interlocked driveway, with a fountain just a few paces before the front door. But you also want a small patch of land at the backyard to farm a little.

We get it. You’ve got taste.

Of all the necessities of life, everyone works towards having their own home. That’s why it’s called “dream home”. Home is security. Home is what we look forward to in the future. However, while we save up for our dream homes, most people would pay rent or lease an average of 3-4 times in their lives.

While house hunting, several questions will be asked and answered, coupled with a handful of factors taken into consideration before decisions are made on the most suitable place to live for a long period of time.

Now that you make enough money to own a house, pay mortgage, rent, or maybe you’ll be house hunting in the future and just want to bookmark what and what not to do, consider these 5 very important questions to ask when house hunting.

1. Where do I want to live?

Location is important. Having a dream home comes with knowing where it would be located. For example, if you want a house by the waterfront, you already know the Island towards Lekki and Ajah is your go-to place.

So, first things first, where would you like to live?

Knowing where you would like to live would give you a good idea of how to acquire the property and what you have to do to be able to afford it as you may have to save for a longer period of time.

2. How much do I earn?

Money is importanter.

We often hear testimonies of the miraculous ways God provides for some people. It often starts with the said individual having more obligations that he can afford to fulfill. Like having more children than your income can cater for. Or eating more than your pocket at Mama Put… We can all imagine what comes after.

Before you go on a house hunt, ask yourself how much you earn or plan to earn within the next five years. Can you afford to maintain your dream home once you’ve paid a lump sum? Would paying at once clear your savings? Would you be able to afford minor repairs or upgrades after? Would you be able to afford mortgage if that’s the option your income allows you? Or you’re waiting for God to make your rich relative come to your rescue.

These questions will help you streamline your checklist for your dream home.

People often say that the more you earn, the higher your taste. Know what your income is or can be before you take on the responsibility of being a landlord.

3. Can I easily get around?

How bad is the traffic congestion around the area? LOL.

This question is right where it should be in the scale of importance if you want to live in a city. If you already live in one, you know this question is a must ask.

How close is the property to your workshop or work place? How well connected is the road network? Is the road bad enough that it would cost you repairing your vehicle a few times every month?

Answer these questions before making a down payment on that house.

4. How close are the nearest conveniences?

Can you run to the nearest supermarket when you’re low on salt? How long do you have to walk to get to the nearest cafeteria or chill spot for comfort food and drinks? (some days, you just don’t feel like cooking) Are there any hospitals around in case of emergencies?

If you’re a parent, are there any good schools around? Will you have to travel every day to drop your kids off and pick them from school? These are the questions you should not forget.

5. Will I be able to resell in this location?

With time, comes growth and expansion. Perhaps in the next few years, your business grows big enough that you decide to relocate, or a better business opportunity comes along in another state or country. Location will be an important factor for prospective buyers of your home when you put it on the market.

So, like question number 1, where do you want to live?

Now that you know what to look for when house hunting, are you ready to become a home owner?

Perhaps you can only afford a parcel of land right now. Why don’t we help with your search?

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